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Terra Vitis – a living land for the sake of good wine, and a story of vignerons (wine growers).

Terra Vitis, is the signature of French vignerons who respect nature, men and wine. The Latin name, Terra Vitis, expresses the close, inseparable bond between the vine and its terroir. Over 15 years ago, a group of vignerons came together to create Terra Vitis. They were the precursors of “reasoned” or sustainable viticulture, to which they were committed.

The Terra Vitis’ approach is governed by a demanding set of specifications, specific to the wine growing sector. Terra Vitis takes a sustainable or “reasoned” approach to viticulture. Terra Vitis’ members use ecologically-friendly wine growing methods to produce wines with no negative impact on the environment. To achieve this, the vignerons must undertake to do the following:

  • Respect the terroir
  • Protect the vines and harvesting
  • Observe Men
  • Innovate and evolve
  • Respect society
  • Respecting consumer

« I decided to pursue Terra Vitis certification, because this approach allows me to produce quality champagnes while respecting the environment and the terroir.  Respecting its methods, I become more and more environmentally-friendly with each passing year and I add value to my terroir through my champagnes.”

Richard ROYER

  • ``A signature of French vignerons who respect nature man and wine``
  • Our values are your guarantee.


About Richard ROYER

Since the 18th century, several members of our family followed one another to grow and develop our vineyard. It is located in Balnot sur Laignes, a village well known for its hillsides. Our village is situated in the « Côte des Bars » (area with 8000 hectares of vineyard) in Aube at the south of Champagne.


Thanks to the experience transmitted throughout the generations and thanks to his studies in agronomy and oenology, Richard brings some renewal in elaborating our Champagne but still grows our 13 hectares of vineyards in the respect of tradition and with passion.


Our philosophy : a sustainable growing with quality
We pay great attention to our grapes following the idea that « quality grapes will become quality wine ». That is the reason why we have fully integrated the preservation and respect of the environment in our process. It is also taken into account when we choose our growing, wine making and building methods.


Our quality process is clear : harvesting sound and mature grapes. This will assure the fineness of our wines. A good maturity will give rich and complex wines. The control of yields is therefore highly important and is our guideline from pruning to harvest : this concept is fully compatible with sustainable growing.

Wine making

From harvest to wine making we want to keep the authenticity and let the soil express itself. We employ soft methods in order to respect the quality of our grapes and extract all the fruit and the richness of our hillsides. The storage of our wines in tuns, which is very rare in Champagne, is perfectly representing our philosophy and contributes to the quality of our Champagnes.

Our Champagnes

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Brut Réserve

It is a blend of 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay from which 25% of reserve wines aged in barrels.

Its yellow colour presents golden glints which highlight its fine bubbles. The Pinot Noir, black grape with white juice gives this vintage its structure and its fresh fruits flavours. The Chardonnay brings the floral notes and the elegance. This Champagne is ideal in aperitif or with seafood.


Cuvée Caractère

This « Blanc de Noir » Champagne is 100% Pinot Noir which makes it very typical of our region the Côte des Bars. The notes of red fruit and liquorice which are very characteristic of this wine express fully in this Cuvée. This Champagne is ideal in aperitif.


Brut Rosé

It is a blend of 90% Pinot Noir and the rest in Chardonnay.

This Champagne rosé has orangey highlights and reveals light notes of red fruits particular to the Pinot Noir which represents at least 90% of the blend. This Champagne can be ideally tasted for the aperitif with roasted meat or desserts with red fruits.


Cuvée Mademoiselle Jeanne

This vintage cuvée is elaborated only on great years with a selection of the best wines of the year. Melle Jeanne is a blend of 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay grown in oak barrels and aged at least 3 years in our cellars. This Champagne is elegant and long in mouth with flavours of candied fruits and white flowers. It can be ideally tasted for the aperitif or with seafood.


Cuvée Originel

Made from the best Pinot Noirs, this natural-flavoured champagne, reveals all the power, fruitiness and elegance of this grape variety and is the culmination of a philosophical and gustatory quest for purity.
It can be appreciated as an aperitif or enjoyed with food, such as cold starters, seafood or good quality fish.



It is a blend of 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay.

This cuvée can be defined as creamy, rich and fruity with flavours of candied fruits and honey. This Champagne goes best with your desserts.


Cuvée Extase

This demi-sec rosé champagne reveals ripe red fruit aromas and is supple and delicious on the palate. It is a wonderful match with all types of dessert (even chocolate).





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Our Creative Team

Our team is a powerful team, with father, mother, workers; ... all belongs to the great family Champagne ROYER !


Fiew reasons to choose our champagnes ...

  • Delicious
  • Fruity
  • Elegant
  • Fine
  • Harmonious
  • Pure
  • Sustainably-produced champagnes

All our champagnes come from a great region of France : The Cote des Bar (Near Troyes, the capital of Champagne!).

Exceptional terroir
Plot interesting for a title because it has little or no, was shocked by the gear. On this hill well exposed, there was already the vine in the twelfth century.
A Great history of doing great champagnes!

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